1. OpenVZ - Create a Container with VETH Interface

    This howto shows how to create an OpenVZ container with VETH interface.

    Create the container

    vzctl create 10221 --ostemplate centos-6-x86_64 --config vswap-1g

    Configure the container

    vzctl set 10221 --save --name server10221
    vzctl set 10221 --save --onboot yes
    vzctl …
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  2. OpenVZ on CentOS 6

    This howto shows how to install OpenVZ on CentOS 6.


    • SELinux is disabled
    • Firewall is disabled
    • Containers are on the same subnet as the physical host

    Installation Steps

    Install the OpenVZ yum repo and ensure it points to the right repo (RHLE6)

    wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/openvz …
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  3. L2TP/IPSec Linux Server Behind NAT

    In this blog we will learn how to install an L2TP/IPSec Linux Server behind NAT.

    IP Assignments

    • L2TP/IPSec Server IP: / 24
    • L2TP/IPSec Client IPs:

    Kernel Parameter Tuning

    Add the following to /etc/sysctl.conf

    # ---------------- L2TP/IPSec (OpenSwan) ---------------
    net.ipv4 …
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  4. GIT - Extract a Subdirectory into a Separate GIT Repository

    This howto shows how to extract a subdirectory into a separate GIT repository.


    • Your main GIT repo is /var/lib/git/giantproject.git
    • You want to extract /var/lib/git/giantproject.git/path/to/subproject into a separate /var/lib/git/subproject.git bare repo
    • You want to remove …
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